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  Project management is a process that incorporates various tools and techniques that help achieve goals and business objectives. A project management framework must take into consideration all the factors and external and internal variables that can affect the success rate and the expected results of a project (ISO 21500).

 BOOM Consultancy & Advisory Services  offers a flexible and effective project management method aiming into delivering project success management.   Our Project Management Services include:

· Definition of monitoring, assessment and work progress reporting procedures;

· Development of site supervision and quality control procedures;

· Definition and implementation of project performance monitoring (PPM) systems;

· Filing systems, for organising, storing and retrieving project documents;

· Daily project monitoring activities;

· Coordination and supervision of field work by consultants/suppliers, in respect of work progress supervision and certification activities;

· Preparation of project completion reports;

· Control of materials, in accordance with the technical contract specifications;

· Preparation of purchasing agreements, procurement and supply plans, with detailed scheduling;

We offer a broader range of customised services to your needs that meet your needs. Our ramp up process is designed  to empower your team and outfit them with the tools they need to  succeed. 

Select from the range of service packages below and  we can support your growth and put you on a solid track to success. 


Management Consultancy on the above on a hourly basis.    



We will provide you with all the above services at an advantageous annual fee!

Based on 100 hours you will be SAVING 30% on the hourly rate!



  Our Platinum Package consists in providing you our service and expertise in three different services ordered simultaneously (for example: Strategic Management, Human Resources Management and Training & People Development). We will guarantee the highest level of service and commitment together with a further global discounted price of over 50% of the hourly rate (based on 100 hours)! 


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