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 HRM has been proposed as one of the core drivers of organizational change and renewal in the public sector and a crucial concept in improving the performance of service delivery. 

We can assist by providing you the following services:

- assess recruitment and selection

- sitting on selection board

- one  Employee Development Report only for every employee (see further below)

- HRM policies and procedures, 

- 8 hours training to members of staff on HR Management

Optimise the talent of your staff by knowing them more …

 BOOM Consultancy & Advisory Services  an assist you through the process of organisational change regardless of whether you are a public, private, or non-profit organization. We emphasise communication and a thorough assessment of the wider impacts of systemic process and cultural changes, ensuring efficient and productive outcomes.

We can can also assist you with a web-based character and behavioural assessment tool designed to help organisations optimise their recruitment practices and employee development efforts. It provides an excellent view into an individual’s core character competencies, as well as primary behaviour traits.

The Profile is delivered in a Recruitment Report used primarily for talent acquisition purposes and an Employee Development Report used for ongoing training and coaching of leaders and employees. The Profile data can also be utilised to evaluate how well an individual aligns to the overall culture of the organisation or to a specific project team or division within the organisation.

Additionally, the Profile data can be used to align with specific job performance criteria through the customisation of a performance benchmark for specific individual job position.

We offer a broader range of customised services to your needs that meet your needs. Our ramp up process is designed  to empower your team and outfit them with the tools they need to  succeed. 

Select from the range of service packages below and  we can support your growth and put you on a solid track to success. 


Management Consultancy on the above on a hourly basis.    



We will provide you with all the above services at an advantageous annual fee!

Based on 100 hours you will be SAVING 30% on the hourly rate!



  Our Platinum Package consists in providing you our service and expertise in three different services ordered simultaneously (for example: Strategic Management, Human Resources Management and Training & People Development). We will guarantee the highest level of service and commitment together with a further global discounted price of over 50% of the hourly rate (based on 100 hours)! 


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