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 At BOOM Consultancy & Advisory Services , we use business process re-engineering to solve problems by redesigning the processes that an organisation uses to accomplish work. Often, processes were originated on an ad hoc basis when the organisation expanded or a particular problem needed to be addressed.

Business process re-engineering is an opportunity to rethink and redesign all of the business processes used by applying a specific methodology to analyse opportunities for new efficiencies.  

We can assist your organisation by performing a high-level assessment of budget processes and efficiencies, helping you ensure accountability, good governance, and organisational health.

 BOOM Consultancy & Advisory Services  offers provides the following services in the premium package:

- gathering and analysing data,

- financial models

- advise on financial projections

- advise clients on many aspects of financial management.

 - 8 hours of training to your staff on the importance of Financial Planning in your organisation.

We offer a broader range of customised services to your needs that meet your needs. Our ramp up process is designed  to empower your team and outfit them with the tools they need to  succeed. 

Select from the range of service packages below and  we can support your growth and put you on a solid track to success. 


Management Consultancy on the above on a hourly basis.    



We will provide you with all the above services at an advantageous annual fee!

Based on 100 hours you will be SAVING 30% on the hourly rate!



 Our Platinum Package consists in providing you our service and expertise in three different services ordered simultaneously (for example: Strategic Management, Human Resources Management and Training & People Development). We will guarantee the highest level of service and commitment together with a further global discounted price of over 50% of the hourly rate (based on 100 hours)! 


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